Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Candy Apples

 Candy Apples!!
The trick to making Candy Apples is that you have to have a candy thermometer. I remember when I was a little girl, my mother made a few attempts at making Candy Apples, but the candy never was quite right it did not get hard enough.
As an adult I decided to buy a package and try it myself and found that the trick was the candy had to reach the correct temperature. The easiest way to be accurate was a candy thermometer. They are not too expensive and can be used for other things as well. If you want to be the Best Mom, and the Favorite Grama, you have got to make candy apples.

They are a nice treat in the fall around
                                                                      Halloween or Thanksgiving.

 Buy the Candy Apple kit in the store and follow the directions. I know you will be nervous when you see the sugar heating and you will think you should turn off the heat but don't. It must reach 300 degrees to make perfect candy Apples. Who is your favorite Grama?

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